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Sharp Healsio Water Oven Recipe : Steamed Chinese Kale (Gai Lan) in Oyster Sauce

Healthy Cooking Sharp Healsio Water Oven Recipe : Steamed Chinese Kale (Gai Lan) in Oyster Sauce

This is a healthy dish that is high in fibre, low in oil and calories.

A. Ingredients

1. Leafy Vegetable, Kai Lan
2. Shallot, 3 pieces or 1 Table Spoon
3. Oyster Sauce, 1 Table Spoon
4. Cooking Oil, 3 Table Spoon

B. Cooking Methods for Steamed Vegetable Kai Lan in Sharp Healsio Water Oven

1. Prepare and clean Kai Lan

2. Select Steam High function in Sharp Healsio Water Oven, Select Manual, Preheat
3. Once the Healsio Water Oven has preheated, place Kai Lan into the Healsio Water Oven, steam for 8 minutes. Remove the dish from the water oven.

4. Slice Shallot into thin slices
5. Place Sliced Shallot into a glass, add 3 Tsp of Cooking Oil to cover the Shallot

6. Select Microwave function of Sharp Healsio Water Oven, place shallot into the oven, select 4 minutes, start cooking shallot in Microwave mode.
Please note that avoid metal utensil in 'Microwave' mode.
7.Shallot will float at the surface of the glass when cooked.

8. Remove Shallot from Healsio Water Oven, drain some of the oil off , leaving about only 1 Tsp Oil with cooked Shallot, add Oyster Suace, stir well, add 1 Tsp of water, stir the sauce well, then pour the oyster sauce over the the steamed Kai Lan. The dish is ready to served.

More Information about Sharp Healsio Water Oven :

Why cook with water?

The secret is Superheated Steam. The Healsio is a completely different way of cooking. The Superheated Steam used in the Healsio is a clear, colourless vapour consisting of ordinary steam heated to an even higher temperature above 100°C. Superheated Steam transfers heat efficiently and has a high cooking capacity.

Cooking with water using the water heat technology

What attracted me is the oven offers 4 modes of cooking :

1. Supersteam Convection
2. Steam
3. Convection
4. Microwaves

It provides healthy ways of cooking and food cooked with Healsio Water Oven preserving the original taste as well as retain and even adding moisture under the 'Steam' function..

Cavity dimensions: 35.9 (W) x 33.9 (D) x 25.6 (H) cm

Outside dimensions: 55.3 (W) x 48.3 (D) x 43.8 (H) cm

Weight: Approx. 24kg

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